Virtueror development update May 2021

Welcome to the second monthly update on the development of “Virtueror, the virtual conqueror”, a Real Time Strategy game with 4x and RPG elements I am developing as a solo indie developer.

New units and new dialog to create them

Now it’s possible to create a few different unit types. Each of them has its own attributes like in a classic RPG game. There’s also a new dedicated dialog to do that:

This is just a first version and it will be improved in the future, but it gets the job done for now.

Defensive towers

I added defensive towers to the elements you can build with your units:

As you can see in the GIF above, they automatically connect with walls.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to fully implement them, so they do not shoot at enemies and you can’t upgrade them yet. Hopefully that’s something I am going to complete over the next few weeks.

Basic combat and shooting

I started to implement some basic support for weapons and shooting. To test that I also added some objects that can be used as practice targets.

At the moment everything is very simplified, but in the future there will be more particles, different weapons, an attack range and other mechanics that I will reveal in the next updates.

Video of the month

Check out the video dev log of this month to see some of the new features in action:

You can also subscribe on YouTube to not miss the next video coming in a couple of weeks.

Bug of the month

I had a couple of weird results when I started implementing shooting and particles… This is definitely the weirdest one:

Those laser beams are probably still travelling beyond my second screen, but I hope they will stop some day!

What’s next

I will spend part of June on the preparation of the Steam and pages and on setting up the first closed alpha testing. I will try to fix the most bugs I can by that date, but at the moment things are still far from being perfect, so I hope people will be understanding.

In terms of new features I am planning to expand what I have done so far in particular for the units and defensive structures (walls and towers).

I am also planning to work on some new game menus to replace the temporary ones I have been using until now. I doubt they will be final, but I hope they will be an improvement over the random gray buttons and black screen I am using at the moment!

Join the open development and get access to the closed alpha

If you want to follow and maybe even influence the development of Virtueror, you can join the official Discord server of the game. There you will be able to vote for features, to suggest ideas and improvements and to report bugs once the first builds will be available.

In alternative you can also sign up for the newsletter and you will get notified of all the major future updates.

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